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Mighty Mobile Benefits

How to use Mighty Mobile


Mighty Mobile is available directly on your mobile phone! You can register as an individual or as a company.

Digital Wallet

Your free wallet allows money to be stored, sent and received. It operates exactly like a normal bank account and can be used to make payments to any vendor that accepts Mighty Mobile Credz.

Fixed Rates

Use your Mighty Mobile Wallet to send money instantly - FOR FREE! The recipient only pays a fixed rate of Credz 1.14, no matter the amount being sent. Enjoy massive savings on fees with Mighty Mobile.

Tri-Level Commission

Mighty Mobile offers a Tri-Level Commission Structure, designed to incentivize and reward Mighty Mobile users who invite others to join. There are many ways to earn with Mighty Mobile.

Instant Messaging

With Mighty Mobile you can send Instant Messages to individuals and groups, like Whatsapp or WeChat... but without size limits. Ideal for advertising and for being paid to receive opted-in-ads. Make money in different ways!

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