What is

A single solution that enables you to:

  • Save money 
  • Reach clients effortlessly and cost effectively
  • Communicate latest discounts, specials, info on products and services to your database

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Mighty Mobile Benefits

How to use Mighty Mobile

Reduced Transaction Fees

Pay a FLAT RATE of R1,14 (incl VAT) per transaction irrespective of the transaction amount.

Affordable Communication Platform

Mighty Mobile enables corporates to communicate to their employees and clients alike at a fraction of the cost of normal SMS's. For only R0.05 per message it is now easy and affordable to say your say, arrange staff meetings, and convey messages to staff or clients.

Simplified Voucher Redemption

Reaching your clients easily through the communication platform also allows retailers to send clients discounts vouchers / coupons which clients can redeem automatically when using Mighty Mobile to purchase goods.

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